1st Time is Special. Piper J Drake (aka PJ Schnyder) & Matthew J Drake (aka OrD)

Author Piper J Drake (previously known as/published as PJ Schnyder) and caster Matthew J Drake (known in gaming circles as “OrD“) assume “form of” MangoRicePod, aka MangoRice the podcast.  In this throwback episode Piper J and Matthew J introduce themselves, explain the name of the podcast, and share maybe too much about hot-tubs (if you know what I mean).  Matthew J is a member of the Air Force with a career that requires he deploy often while Piper J’s dayjob involves being a corporate ba boss-lady with 80% travel.  Is this long-distance relationship doomed?  Or is there a chance for a happily ever after?

This episode is the 1st podcast the two ever made together and was initially recorded in 2012 after they were inspired by their friend Tee Morris (author of Podcasting For Dummies which is currently in rewrites for 3rd Edition) while Matt & Piper were guests on “The Shared Desk,” Tee and his lovely lady Philippa Ballantine‘s podcast.


0:30-0:54 – Welcome message

0:54-9:42 – PJ’s Segment

  1. 0:59-4:15 – Who is PJ Schnyder?
  2. 4:15-6:36 – How MangoRice the Podcast is setup
  3. 6:39-8:50 – “Food makes me happy” 😀

10:27-17:13 – OrD’s Segment

  1. 10:31-14:15 – Who is OrD and how PJ/OrD met
  2. 14:15-17:02 – What is eSports/shoutcasting (with statistics!)
17:14-20:35 – What are you drinking?

20:37-22:07 Shoutouts include:

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